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Oral hygiene (Prophylaxis)


One of the most requested items in our praxis is Prophylaxis. Since we’d like you to experince a lasting healthy teeth beside beautiful smile. For that reason, there we have prepared a very confident qualified personnel.
Oral hygiene or Prophylaxis consists of a wide range of oral health cares including dental hygiene. It also calls for periodically checkups.
Furthermore, the occlusal surface will be controlled and in case of need, protected through sealing agaist caries.
Our qualified personnel will also teach you some techniques for home dental care, since our Prophylaxe makes sense, only if you persue these techniques at home.
There are some important tips about teethbrushing and dental floss, which our qualified personnel will teach you how to use them.
We also offer every two years a training series in terms of children dentistry. In these classes we teach children from 6 years old on, when their first permanent teeth grow, how to take care of their teeth though useful techniques.
In addision their breaking-through teeth will be inspected to avoid caries in future.