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Parodontitis is a sort of periodontal apparatus diseases, which is caused by bacteria and can lead to an irreversible ruination of periodontal apparatus. It can begin with an inflammation of the gums. Its main symptom is notably bleeding by brushing.
There appear films on the gum, which stick to it and cause adhesion of Bacteria on the gum and ends with an inflammation of both, the gum and periodontal apparatus. If one doesn’t take care of it, it can finally damage the teeth. Furthermore it can cause Caries.
The therapy tracks the procedure of decreasing the films (Prophylaxis) and consequently the Bacteria in the oral cavity.
In case of progressed Parodontitis, a more specialized and intensive treatment is needed.
This will be discussed individually with patients according to their own conditions.
Obviously, there will be a better outlook, if Parodontitis diagnosed and cured at an opportune moment.