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Aesthetical Dentistry


Nowadays, a successful social relationship is highly depended on beautiful and shiny teeth.
A smile implies self-esteem and healthiness of man. A flawless set of teeth represents not only the healthiness of man, but also her/his public health, which can lead her/him to a successful work life.
We suggest various solutions to make this possible. After having teeth without caries, we brighten your teeth through bleaching, to give a greater aesthetic pleasure.
To fill small defects, one can use tooth-color filling materials, which have been made of synthetic materials and ceramics.
For the sake of aesthetic improvement, we will take advantage of ceramic veneer in anterior teeth. Indeed, there is a wide range of tooth-colors, so we would discuss with patients about the color of their restorative materials. In case you would like to pose your questions about dental aesthetics, please contact us to get consultancy.